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Priming individuals and teams for success

An 'All Star' is a recognition of excellence in sporting performance, and is awarded to GAA players who demonstrate high levels of consistency, skill and determination. Paul is proud to be the recipient of All Star awards in 2010 and 2011.


The name All Star Coaching was chosen because of what it represents, its underpinning values and principles, and how these can be applied to help you reach your fullest potential, not just in sport, but in every aspect of your life.  

Many people want to achieve All Star success.It takes effort, sacrifice, dedication, self-awareness and a radical commitment to being the best you can be. It also requires resilience so that you can respond to failure and defeat by learning and becoming stronger and wiser.

IF you want to stand out, be the best version of yourself, be aligned to your true values and goals, AND you are prepared to put in the work, THEN I believe that you CAN have transformational results and gain incredible self-esteem in the process.

If you are reading this and think, ‘this is me’, then I want to work with you. My ultimate goal with my coaching services is to help you to identify your values and goals, build on your strengths, identify where you have interferences holding you back, and action plan so that you can take your performance and life to the next level. 


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Paul Curran (MSc PMC) is a professional performance and development coach who specialises in working with individuals, teams and leaders who are eager to develop, grow and improve in order to succeed in sport, work and life.

For Paul, coaching is all about unlocking the potential within an individual or team, to maximise their performance and to create an environment where trust is a key ingredient.

His approach enables the individual/team to be open, honest and accountable, and take the necessary steps involved to optimise patterns that serve them, and break patterns that impede their success.

Paul Curran All Star Coaching



Paul specialises in

Performance coaching with

  • Individual athletes​ across all sporting contexts

  • Team development

  • Leaders​

Personal development coaching with individuals and groups in the areas of

  • Leadership development

  • Personal fitness, nutrition & lifestyle

  • Work / life management

  • Managing important transitions – college, work, career

  • Mentoring

  • Solution-focused problem-solving

Business Development Workshops in the areas of

  • Coaching skills

  • Mentoring skills

  • Psychology of teams 

  • Change management

  • Effective feedback delivery

  • Effective communication and problem-solving

  • Leadership development

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Team Coaching Testimonials 

Brian Dowling
Kilkenny Camoige Manager 
brian dowling.jpg

Paul Curran acted as a performance coach for the Kilkenny Camogie Senior team in 2019. Paul facilitated 7 sessions with the girls during the year. The sessions were varied and relevant at all times. Paul never judged or gave his own personal opinion on any discussion. He had a great way of allowing the girls to open up in an environment that they felt safe and comfortable in. The girls trusted Paul to be honest and to speak truthfully about anything on their minds.

Brian Dowling - Kilkenny Camoige Manager

Noel Furlong
Russel Rovers GAA Coach 2019/2020
Noel Furlong.jpg

Paul worked closely with the management & players on our run to the All-Ireland club final in Croke Park during the 2019/20 season. He immediately built a very strong rapport and trust with the group and encouraged engagement from all individuals. He assisted & challenged everyone to reach the standards and goals we had set ourselves as a group. His work-shops and methodologies facilitated self-analysis & accountability which led to improved performance, both on & off the pitch. Paul's contribution greatly assisted the club winning its first ever adult county & Munster titles and I would highly recommend his services. 

Noel Furlong - Russel Rovers GAA Coach 2019/20

Denise Gaule
Kilkenny Camoige Player  
denise gaule.jpg

Obviously sessions were about looking at things and maybe smaller details that would benefit us as a group. Sessions were for all players, managers, backroom team, which was great. The sessions were not only about learning to get the best out of yourself as an individual but also to get the best out of the girls around you. Paul really helped us to understand each other more off the field and to develop an absolute deep level of trust within the group.

Denise Gaule - Kilkenny Camoige Player

Bud Hartnett
Russel Rovers GAA
Bud Hartnett.jpg

Paul's workshops were enjoyable and beneficial. His common sense & inclusive approach made everyone feel comfortable contributing throughout the process. It assisted players' preparation on and off the pitch and allowed us focus on what was important. He challenged players in a non-intrusive way which helped us recognise our strengths & areas for development. Paul’s sessions also brought the group tighter together and more resilient. He contributed greatly to our journey to Croke Park for the All-Ireland club final this year. 

Bud Hartnett - Russel Rovers GAA

Individual coaching  TESTIMONIALS 


"Pauls coaching improved my self confidence, by helping me to better understand my strengths, my unique skills and his coaching gave me a sense of direction".

John, Clonmel - Recent third-level graduate   

"I would highly recommend Paul as a coach, he is trustworthy, professional and a competent coach who challenged me to be the best that I could be".

Anthony, Waterford - Recovering from acute injury

"Paul's coaching  supported me to examine and create goals that I wanted to achieve in my professional life and we developed an action plan to obtain these goals". 

Marie, Kilkenny - Career transitioning  

"Having been recently promoted, I found myself stuck and questioning myself. Paul helped me to explore my leadership style and build my confidence back so that I could manage new and often challenging aspects of my new role"  

Tony, Tipperary - IT Manager

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